Contract Negotiations

Ok everyone contract negotiations will be starting up this spring into early summer. We would like your feedback on what you feel need to be key points and what should be changed. Please give some thought to these questions and give us your feedback. These negotiations effect your jobs, pay and benefits, so let us know. 

State your preference to the length of our next contracts.

2 years______ 3 years______ 4 years _______

Health and welfare issues will be of continuing concern for all of us in Local Union 716. To maintain our current benefit package, we may need to increase contributions to the Fund. Are you in favor of maintaining our Health and Welfare package?   Yes _____ No_____

Are you willing to strike for this issue?  Yes______ No______

Are you in favor of an increase in wages in your area? Yes______ No_____

Amount of increase (wages only/be specific) per year.

1st yr $________ on ck – 2nd yr $________ on ck – 3rd yr $________ on ck     Are you willing to strike for an increase?

Should there be an increase in travel or subsistence? Yes ______ No______

Are you willing to strike on this issue?   Yes_______ No________

The Pension Fund is an important part of all of our futures. Should we contribute more to this Fund?  Yes______ No_______

Are you willing to strike on this issue?  Yes_______ No_______

Are you satisfied with your current Annuity Fund contribution?             Yes_______ No________

What additional amount would you want? $________________

Are you willing to strike for changes in the Annuity Fund? Yes____ No____

Should there be changes in the contract language in any of the above questions? Yes______ No_______ If so, which questions (be specific) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you willing to strike for any contract language changes? Yes _____No_____