Local 716 Members do you know how much wages per hour is considered Minimum, and is it really livable?

How much wage per hour is minimum and is it livable?  Often we hear reports on the news about the "Living Wage" and many decisions are based on the definition of this wage.  Currently in Maine the minimum wage is $7.50, that is $15,600 per year. http://www.minimum-wage.org/states.asp?state=Maine

The "livable Wage" in Maine for ONE ADULT is an average of $8.26 ( $17,182 per year), for a FAMILY OF THREE it is an average of $20.26 ($42,140.80 per year) http://livingwage.mit.edu/states/23/locations

What this third party data represents is a real life scenario.  In a family of 3, two parents and one child, where both parents are working minimum wage jobs - they are considered to be in poverty.  This third party study provided by Penn State is an example of consolidated current research to show that a minimum wage job with no healthcare or retirement is a path to poverty.  Hard working Mainers who work full time are unable to escape the need for welfare and assistance.  Every day unions fight to increase the hourly wages by reminding the public that skilled labor is the backbone of this country and with out it there would be no capitalism.  Thank you for holding a union card and standing up for the rights of every skilled American worker.