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Vol 7 Issue 22 - Labor Day Celebration Sale

In recognition of Labor Day we wish to extend our appreciation to all
the labor union members who have supported our efforts to get
American made work boots back on the feet of hard working Americans. 

Walter Brown | President - TheBootPros LLC

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at midnight, Wednesday September 4, 2013!

Union Craftsmanship!

Union craftsmen and women have been making Thorogoods since 1946.
Every MADE IN USA boot goes through 125 hand-held steps and is
checked for quality during each step. The pride taken by the "stitchers" is shown
in every pair boots delivered. So remember, the talented people who make
your boots are your neighbors, friends and family.

>>> VIEW 6" Moc Toe Non-Safety Toe Wedge - #814-4200 <<<
VIEW 8" 90º HEEL Moc Toe w/Steel Safety Toe - #804-4378 <<<
VIEW 6" Moc Toe /Non-Safety Toe BLACK Wedge - #814-4266 <<<

...when a customer makes an exchange
for a different style and/or size.

The rules: 1) Boots must be new, in the box. No signs of wear and tear.
2) Exchange order must be made to receive prepaid return shipping label from
TheBootPros. Best way is to have someone call and we will help you over the
phone at 1-800-723-5384. 3) We have selected USPS to manage our customer
exchange shipping. $) Exchnage must occur within 20 days of original order. 

Thorogood® has brought back the black slip-resisiting rubber outsole in seven
exciting new boot styles. Triple-stitched construction, welted outsole,
full-grain leather and brass eyelets highlight these new MADE IN USA boots.
All boots are handcrafted.

>>> VIEW 6" 90º HEEL w/Composite Safety Toe - #804-4366 <<<
VIEW 6" 90º HEEL w/Steel Safety Toe - #804-3366 <<<


VIEW 6" 90º HEEL w/Non-Safety Toe - #814-3376 <<<
VIEW 6" Black Leather 90º HEEL w/Non-Safety Toe - #814-6376 <<<
VIEW 6" 90º HEEL w/Non-Safety Toe - #814-3366 <<<


VIEW 8" 90º HEEL Waterproof/Insulated w/Non-Safety Toe - #814-4288 <<<
VIEW 8" Pull-On 90º HEEL w/Steel Safety Toe - #804-3310 <<<

Top of the World!

Thank you to all the union members that have helped us grow
and worn our boots with Michael Pierro of IUPAT Local 1281
...working at the top of One World Trade Center NYC!

>>> VIEW 6" Thorogood Classic w/ 90º HEEL - #814-6376 <<<

Clipped from the Sunday funny section!


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Use discount code LdyS42xD at ends
at midnight, Sunday September 6, 2013!

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