Maine AFL-CIO Summer Institute

Brothers and sisters-

I hope you are considering joining us for the 2017 Labor Summer Institute on August 9th and 10th in Orono.   The labor movement has some big questions to tackle if we are going to rebuild the power of working people in our country.

Our block rate for rooms at the University Inn lasts until July 18th, so please register and make your arrangements as soon as possible.

All the info is below or at our website: You can register there.  If you can't come, can you share this with members of your local?

In solidarity,

Cynthia and the Maine AFL-CIO


Dear union member,

The Maine AFL-CIO Labor Summer Institute is a 2-day solidarity school, held in conjunction with the Maine Bureau of Labor Education, where union members come together to meet each other, learn new skills and build our power.

The Summer Institute will be held on Wed. & Thurs., August 9 & 10 at the University of Maine in Orono. We are asking each local union to send members. Is someone from your local attending? Are you able to attend? Download a brochure or register today by clicking here.

Labor Summer Institute
Wed. August 9 & Thurs. August 10
University of Maine (Orono)
To learn more or register:

We have some big questions to discuss. What happened to erode the power of working people in this country? What should we do to win it back? What is the future of the labor movement?

This is a great leadership development opportunity for new and seasoned union members alike.

You can download a brochure from our website with all the details:

Don't take it from just me, here's what a participant has to say:

"Summer Institute is my favorite labor event. I love meeting and talking with fellow union members from different locals across the state. Together we learn from one another and build relationships that strengthen our movement. I think everyone should attend!"- Jessie Lambert, Bangor, Maine State Nurses Association.



We hope to see you there! Please email with any questions, or call 207 622 9675.

In solidarity,

Cynthia Phinney

President, Maine AFL-CIO