November 2017 Organizing Report

by Beau Libby, Organizer Local 716 Plumbers and Pipefitters

I have been working with my Manger, Agent and Training coordinator on designing a residential contract for Maine with all the hvac work in our state present and future.  We are very close to this goal. I believe this will help tremendously in regaining market share in our state.

I have spent many hours talking with workers from all over about their pay, insurance, retirements, conditions, etc. I’m gaining very valuable knowledge on what non-union workers want and need in Maine. I’m also in the process of designing a package to send out to many HVAC contractors with information on Local 716 and what we have to offer them.  I’m sure with the new residential rate sheets and contract we are working on, it will help our Local and the UA grow stronger for many more years.

I have also been talking with other UA contractors about work in our state.  I have received lots of interest.  I recently attended a job fair with a UA member that is also a teacher in plumbing training in our southern Maine schools to talk with graduating students.  I am still using many of the recruiting websites to advertise for workers along with going out frequently to meet new workers where ever I see them.  I have received a lot of interest from the recruitment sites.  I have started a nice data base of possible new members. We swore in 3 new members at this month’s meeting. Two could not make it due to prior engagements so they will be sworn in at the December meeting.

I have had good talks with a 25-30 man mechanical outfit about going union. I have had numerous calls with the owner and he is interested.   I’m trying to schedule a meeting for this month with him to possible have him sign our working agreement and a Schedule A if needed. Things are going to slow I feel for a little bit due to the holiday season but I anticipate a big 2018 for our Local!