November Business Agent Update

by Tony Sirois, Local 716 Business Agent

We have 465 total members with 308 working. We have 71 members on the Journeyman list with 21 not available, 20 members on the Travelers list, and 3 members on the Apprentice list. We have 1 traveler working in our local.

There seem to be a delay at Sappi paper due to the engineering of paper machine piping. The prints are not coming out in a timely manner and are causing a delay in the project. I am looking to find out if that will affect the outage date or not.

CCB and SMC have picked up work at Jackson Labs in Ellsworth. We have sent out 3 & 2 welders to both companies for work with PC. They are converting a retail space into a laboratory. It looks to be an ongoing project.

The job at ON Semi is awarded to Kinetics but has been pushed back due to changes to the budget. ON Semi has to trim $400,000 off the budget, the push back is looking like in January sometime.

Beacon Piping is at Calpine Power in Westbrook, we have 11 guys there working and we are expecting more calls to come soon.

Local 553, Alton, MI, Wood River Project will be pulling people for their outage that will happen in Feb – March. Most of the hires will be in January and February, but some will be in a week or two.

Local 140, Lehi, UT is looking for Orbital Welders with the UA-18A certs. They will be picking up after the New year.

Local 602, Washington DC, is looking for combo (GTAW/SMAW) welders for the PSEG Keys Energy Combined Cycle power plant in Brandywine, MD.  There are two contractors on-site looking for welders at this time.  The welders will be working with mild carbon steel, 304L stainless, 2 1/4% chrome, 9% chrome and P91 material on the high-energy piping.  

Work has been slowing down and other locals are holding steady or laying off. Work is expected to pick up some after Thanksgiving and will pick up a lot after New Year’s holiday.