Online Learning

OSHA 10 Online Course cost for the course is $25


Become BAXI certified online!

Here's how to earn Baxi Certified status:
1. Watch the interactive training and certification presentation for a given Baxi model
2.Complete the Certification Test (For older Baxi models, you may be able to request free certification test access by completing the test password request form.)
3. Complete and pass the product knowledge/manufacturer's specifications test for the Baxi boiler model.


UA University ONLINE CLASSES- Free to no cost to Union Members

STEP 1 Register on to website

STEP 2 Look at Course Training Catalog for Available Classes

STEP 3 Notify Training Director of What Classes you would like to take 512-4584 or

Some of the online Classses Available

  • Auto CAD
  • Electrical Controls
  • UA Star Test Prep
  • Labor History



Online training for Small Business FREE



ONLINE CETP (Natural Gas) Licensing Courses:


IN MAINE to get your Appliance Connection and Service License, AND  Tank Setter and Outside Piping License you need the following Classes:

1.     Class 1.0 Basic Principles nad Practices  ONLINE $30 Class Fee, $100 Testing fee

2.     Class 4.1 Designing and Installing Exterior Vapor Distribution Systems ONLINE  $30 Class Fee, $100 Testing fee

3.     Class 4.2 Placing Vapor Distribution Systems and Appliances in to Operation  ONLINE  $30 Class Fee, $100 Testing fee

4.     Class 4.3 Installing Appliances and Interior Vapor Distrobution Systems  In PERSON  Cost $ TBD

5.     Class 5.1 Designing and Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems IN PERSON  Cost $ TBD

6.     Class 7.0 Apply Basic Electricity Principals to Service Propane Appliances  IN PERSON  Cost $ TBD


IN MAINE to get your Large Equipment and Connection And Service License you need the following Classes:

1.     Class 8.0 Large Industrial/ Commercial Gas- Fired Equipment Connection and Service.  IN PERSON Cost $ TBD



Register for the WCC Introduction to Online Learning Course

WCC encourages you to prepare for this unique learning experience by enrolling in the Introduction to Online Learning course. This course allows you to experience the COD concept in a shortened format. This introduction prepares you in the use of state of the art electronic and web resources, familiarizes you with the COD environment, and invigorates your existing skills. This self-paced course must be completed within two (2) weeks of your enrollment.

Programs Offered through UA University/ WCC

Program Information

WCC offers four program areas tailored for UA members. Click on a link to view program requirements.

Sustainable Technologies in HVACR

This program is a continuation of the training received by UA HVACR Service Technician members. This program prepares the student for more advanced technical positions. Courses in this program will cover topics such as building automation systems, green residential systems, technical and workplace writing, the customer experience, and algebra for the trades. For more information visit the Sustainable Technologies in HVACR page.

Construction Supervision

This program area is for UA members interested in moving into a construction management position. Classes in this area concentrate on supervision and project management skills, including human resources management, contracts, and other legal issues. For more information visit the Construction Supervision page.

Journeyman Industrial

This program area is for UA members who want to pursue college credit in areas that augment or complement current trade-related expertise. Elective classes allow students the flexibility to customize the degree to meet their own occupational needs.

Industrial Training

This program area is for select UA instructors participating in the Instructor Training Program held each August at the main WCC campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The program offers professional and technical classes related to trade teaching in the United Association.