Years of Service Awards!!!

Thank you for all your hard work through the years. You make us great!!!

Stanley L. Coombs 25 Years
Robert M. Everest 25 Years
Thomas R. Gardner 25 Years
Ricky R. Guay 25 Years
Donald F Jacques 25 Years
Randy W. Martin 25 Years
Alan J. Reese 25 Years

Timothy E. Beckey 30 Years
David Demmons 30 Years
Timothy A. Drew 30 Years
Edward W. Finelli 30 Years
Todd S. Harris 30 Years
Joseph Joyce 30 Years
Todd A. Lee 30 Years
Edward C. Miller Jr. 30 Years
Ronald W. Sawtelle 30 Years
Darren B. Witham 30 Years

Lionel P. Belanger 35 Years
Ronald Belanger 35 Years
Brent A. Carter 35 Years
David L. Couillard 35 Years
Steven M. Dee Sr. 35 Years
Michael W. Flaherty 35 Years
R.E. Foster 35 Years
Clifton D. Frost 35 Years
Thomas M. Gadbois 35 Years
Wayne T. Goodine 35 Years
Walter H. Greene 35 Years
Randy Hill 35 Years
Curt J. Holmes 35 Years
Seamus Keith 35 Years
Stephen J. Kenney 35 Years
Michael J. Larrabee 35 Years
Charles D. Lessard 35 Years
James H. Macleod 35 Years
Joseph McNeill 35 Years
Donald C. Morin 35 Years
Glenn Murray 35 Years
Richard M. Newcomb 35 Years
Robert A. Poirier 35 Years
Timothy H. Speed 35 Years
James M. Tirrell Jr. 35 Years
Jack L. Welch 35 Years
Robert J. Wotherspoon Jr. 35 Years

Danny P. Darling 40 Years
Robert D. Hamel 40 Years
Chester L. Hinckley 40 Years
Michael A. Joyce 40 Years
Gary Noyes 40 Years
John P. O’Brion 40 Years
Dwight C. Shedd 40 Years
Robert J. Wotherspoon Sr. 40 Years

Donrick Dorsky 45 Years
Wayne B. Hart 45 Years
James L. Mclaughlin II 45 Years
Dana Moody 45 Years

Charles Boulier 50 Years
John B. Hillock 50 Years
Frank H. Ramich Jr. 50 Years

Adron B. Baughman 55 Years
Arnold Harvey 55 Years
Bernard L. Lovering 55 Years

Jesse H. Booth 60 Years
Andre R. Lavoie 60 Years
Edward R. Pellon 60 Years
Richard B. Watson 60 Years

Dean T. McGinnis 65 Years