Mission Statement

Welcome to our site! The purpose and mission of the United Association Local 716 State of Maine is to:

  • Organize those workers and employers in the plumbing, pipefitting, steamfitting and HVAC service industry who do not share the benefits of union representation.
  • Sponsor and support legislation which safeguards the safety and health of workers and the public, protects the rights of workers and promotes a fair, free, and just society.
  • Foster and promote programs on occupational safety and health, membership education and training and industry technological advances.
  • Encourage and promote stronger labor-management relations.
  • Promote the advancement of the organized plumbing and pipefitting industry for the benefit of its members, employers and the public
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  • Labor Summer Institute

    Dear union member,

     Our labor movement's power comes from members like you. Attending the Labor Summer Institute is one way to ensure you have the tools you need to protect our rights, fight to improve the lives of union members and working Mainers, and to build the power of the labor movement. Will you be joining us to get "tooled up" at this year's Labor Summer Institute? Click here to register now. 

    The Maine AFL-CIO Labor Summer Institute is a 2-day solidarity school, held in conjunction with the Maine Bureau of Labor Education, where union members come together to meet each other, learn new skills and build our power. The Summer Institute will be held on August 13 & 14 at the University of Maine in Orono. Is someone from your local attending? Register today by clicking here. 


    Labor Summer Institute

    August 13 & 14

    University of Maine in Orono

    Click here for more information and to register

    We hope to see you there! Please email with any questions, or call 207 622 9675


    In solidarity, 

    Tracy and the Maine AFL-CIO

  • Fairness at Fairpoint

    Hello Jennifer-
    I’m writing on behalf of hundreds of hard-working men and women at FairPoint Communications across Northern New England. We’re the telecommunications workers who keep everyone connected. Right now, we are fighting to stop FairPoint from implementing radical changes—including outsourcing good jobs—that could have a profound impact on consumers across our region.
    To help us, all you have to do is “Like” Fairness at FairPoint on Facebook and share our page with your friends. We’ll keep you informed about our fight for fairness at FairPoint and let you know about actions you can take to support us.
    Here’s a little more about us and our campaign so you know what we’re up against:
    I’m Pete McLaughlin, the Chair of IBEW System Council T-9, which includes local unions in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Together with CWA Local 1400, led by President Don Trementozzi, we represent almost 2,000 employees of FairPoint in Northern New England.
    Our current contracts with the company expire on August 2nd. Our unions and the company have been at the negotiating table working on a new contract since April 25th, with no real progress. In fact, FairPoint executives have said publicly that they won’t move forward without “deep, painful, significant” cuts to our current contract.
    FairPoint is controlled by Wall Street hedge funds, so the company’s bottom line is cutting costs and raising profits. It’s not surprising that FairPoint management has already been recruiting replacement workers in anticipation of a strike or lockout.
    What FairPoint really wants is to permanently outsource our work to untrained contractors from out of state and overseas. Low-skilled, inexperienced workers simply can’t provide the quality of service you’ve come to expect from us. We’re highly trained, and most of us have years of experience on the job in Northern New England.
    If FairPoint executives institute the “deep, painful, significant” cuts that they’re talking about, they simply won’t be able to hire or retain skilled workers anymore. That will hurt everyone who depends on FairPoint to stay connected.
    We know that FairPoint executives are carefully watching our online campaign, and that’s why we need your help. The quality of the phone lines and Internet service you depend on depends on FairPoint workers. Can we count on you?
    Go to Facebook now and “Like” Fairness at FairPoint and then share our page with your friends.
    Thank you for your support. I’ll keep you posted as the campaign moves forward.
    In solidarity,
    Pete McLaughlin
  • Wells Fargo 3rd Quarter Newsletter

  • 13th Annual Joseph Asali Golf Tournament

  • KVCC Offering Propane and Natural Gas Courses

    Course Starts June 2, 2014

    Courses Start June 2, 2014!
    5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

    Kennebec Valley Community College is now offering Propane & Natural Gas courses.  These courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue licensure and certification as Propane & Natural Gas Technicians. KVCC's courses include the National Propane Gas Association's Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) and the Maine Natural Gas Supplement.  Successful completion of the required CETP courses fulfills the training requirements for the State of Maine's Propane & Natural Gas Technician in the following authorities: Delivery Technician, Tank Setter & Outside Piping, Appliance Connection and Service, and Large Equipment Connection and Service.  


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    Basic Principles & Practices of Propane

    The first step in obtaining certification or licensure as a Propane & Natural Gas Technician is to begin with the Basic Principles & Practices of Propane course.  This course is designed to provide all personnel with the basic principles and practices of working with propane to ensure safety and help provide quality service to customers and the community.  Basic Principles & Practices of Propane is a pre-requisite to the more advanced CETP courses and is designed to be both a learning resource and a career development tool.  Successful completion of this course is required before students can matriculate in any other CETP courses at KVCC. The cost of this course is $385. Course dates:  June 2, 4, 9 & 11, 2014 - Monday & Wednesday for 2 weeks.


    Appliance Connection and Service

    This course is designed to train: installation and service personnel, sales personnel, managers and supervisors on the required components to install and service gas/propane appliances.  This course encompasses CETP Sections 4.2, 4.3, 7.0 and the Maine Natural Gas Supplement. Successful completion of this course and exams will help students achieve the State of Maine Propane & Natural Gas Technician - Appliance Connection and Service Technician authority.  The cost of this course is $1,680.  Course dates:  June 23, 2014 - Monday & Wednesday for 10 weeks.


    Large Equipment Connection & Service  

    This course is designed to enable experienced gas industry managers, sales representatives and service technicians to properly size and install gas service connections for large industrial and commercial gas-fired equipment and systems.  This course encompasses CETP Section 8.0.  Pre-requisite: students must have successfully passed the CETP requirements for Appliance Connection and Service or hold a license with the Appliance Connection and Service Technician authority.  Successful completion of this course and exam will help students achieve the State of Maine Propane & Natural Gas - Large Equipment Connection and Service Technician authority.  The cost of this course is $385.  Course dates:  Sept. 15, 17, 22, 24, 2014 - Monday & Wednesday for 2 weeks.  Exam:  Sept. 29, 2014


    Delivery Technician

    This course provides training for inspecting, maintaining and operating propane delivery vehicles, filling propane storage containers, and making customer deliveries of propane.  This course is designed for drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles to deliver propane, and covers Bobtail equipment and systems, including cargo tank, gauges, pumps, meters, delivery hoses and emergency discharge control equipment.  The course encompasses CETP 2.1 & 2.4, 2.2 & 2.5* (*Notes that CETP 2.5 has been replaced by the Mobile Crane Safety in the Propane Industry Program). Successful completion of this course and exams will help students achieve the State of Maine Propane & Natural Gas - Delivery Technician authority.  The cost of this course is $640.  Course dates:  Fall 2014  


    Tank Setter & Outside Piping 

    This course is designed for those who design and install vapor distribution systems.  This course addresses how to select and install containers, prevent corrosion, size and install regulators and meters, and select and install outdoor piping and tubing.  It also addresses the different system tests required for vapor distribution systems and appliances as well as the general knowledge that a propane employee would need to use and operate a dispenser.  This course encompasses CETP sections 4.1, 4.2 and 5.1.  Successful completion of this course and exams will help students achieve the State of Maine Propane & Natural Gas Technician - Tank Setter & Outside Piping authority.  The cost of this course is $1,280.  Course dates: Fall 2014.


    Additional eligibility requirements for CETP certification do apply and are not available through KVCC.  Please visit the State of Maine's Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation for more information on license requirements.  

  • MRWA's 34th Annual Conference

    Be sure to mark your calendars for
    MRWA's 34th Annual Conference on December 9, 10 and 11, 2014. This year we are moving to Bangor!
    Check our web site (mainerwa.org) for more information on both of these events.