Mission Statement

Welcome to our site! The purpose and mission of the United Association Local 716 State of Maine is to:

  • Organize those workers and employers in the plumbing, pipefitting, steamfitting and HVAC service industry who do not share the benefits of union representation.
  • Sponsor and support legislation which safeguards the safety and health of workers and the public, protects the rights of workers and promotes a fair, free, and just society.
  • Foster and promote programs on occupational safety and health, membership education and training and industry technological advances.
  • Encourage and promote stronger labor-management relations.
  • Promote the advancement of the organized plumbing and pipefitting industry for the benefit of its members, employers and the public
    Business Manager
  • Right NOW

    We need your help. Last night, the Maine Senate voted on a bill, LD 443, to strengthen the Workers Compensation system for injured workers in Maine. They passed it along party lines, with Democrats supporting the bill and Republicans opposing it. Now, the bill is going the the Maine House for a vote. If your senator voted for the bill, it would be great to thank them.

    Last year, Governor LePage and his legislative allies passed a bill that was a windfall for the insurance industry – gutting Workers' Comp and leaving injured workers out in the cold.

    LD 443 fixes some of the worst changes made last year. 

    Please contact your Representative right now and ask them to do what is right for injured workers by supporting LD 443. Then, thank your Senator if they voted for the bill. 

    Let them know that our workers' compensation system should ensure that those injured on the job are taken care of.

    Use this simple form to look up your Representative and send them a short personal message letting them know your position. It just takes 30 seconds.

    Workers' Compensation was created as a compromise where workers give up their ability to sue employers in exchange for speedy medical care and wage replacement when injured.  LD 443 takes a modest step to make sure that workers' part of that deal is upheld.

    Please contact your Representative right now by clicking hereCorporate and insurance lobbyists are working hard to kill this bill. We need you to contact your Representative.

    You can thank your Senator by leaving a message at 1 800-423-6900. Leave your Senator's name and say you'd like to thank them for protecting injured workers by voting for LD 443. 

    Matt Schlobohm & the Maine AFL-CIO

  • Small Business Webinar

    Register- Connecting with your Influencers Webinar


    SBA and the W20 Group, a cluster of digital communications companies, will present Identifying and Connecting with Your Influencers, the fourth topic in the five-topic social media webinar series on June 5 at 1 p.m. EDT. The webinar will help small business owners learn how to engage with people who can influence their online reputation and gain value through social media tools.

    Topics that will be covered include:

    • Understanding the importance of influencers;
    • Finding the right tools and methodologies to identify your influencers;
    • Learning some basic techniques for engaging your key influencers; and
    • Focusing on growing your future influencers.

    When:   Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EDT

    Registration: This webinar is free, but registration is required. Register today as space is limited.

    NOTE: The maximum threshold for this webinar is 1,000 participants.  If you’re unable to participate, a link to the webinar will be furnished at a later date. A captioned version of this webinar will be available in two weeks at:www.sba.gov/social-media.

  • Local 716 Member, Please Contact Your Legislator

    We don’t have much time. This week, Maine’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee is expected to vote on Governor LePage’s state budget.

    Because of your hard work, Maine legislators know what a fair share budget looks like and they know the right thing to do. Now they need to know our bottom line.

    Please contact your legislators right now and let them know that we won’t accept draconian cuts to education and public safety and the largest property tax increase in Maine history.

    Let them know that at the very least we demand a repeal of the LePage tax cuts that are set to disproportionately benefit the wealthy.

    Use this simple form to look up your legislators and send them a short personal message letting them know your bottom line. It just takes 30 seconds.

    It’s time to stop making working people pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.  It’s time to stop the cuts to local towns and state workers, the property tax increases and the slashing of programs like Apprenticeship, Head Start and Drugs for the Elderly.

    Please contact your legislators right now here: www.fairsharemaine.org/contact. We don't have much time.

    Thank you,
    Matt Schlobohm & the Maine AFL-CIO

  • Summer Labor Institute

    Brothers and Sisters - 

    Maine AFL-CIO  Labor Summer Institute

    August 7th and 8th

    University of Maine in Orono

    Click here to register today!

    Have you marked your calendar? I hope you'll be joining us for the 2013 Labor Summer Institute. The Summer Institute is a 2-day solidarity school for union members focused on building our skills and building our movement. This year's Summer Institute is on August 7th and 8th at the University of Maine in Orono. You can register today by clicking herePlease designate at least one member from your local to attend! 

    This year our Labor Summer Institute will be anchored in two important areas of our work: organizing newunion members and the Maine Health Care is a Human Right Campaign.

    We are excited to announce this year's Keynote Speaker for the Labor Summer Institute will be Bill Fletcher, Jr.

    Join us and hear from Bill Fletcher, Jr., author of "They're Bankrupting Us!": And 20 Other Myths about Unions. Fletcher, Jr. is a long-time racial-justice, labor, and international activist, scholar, and author. He has been involved in the labor movement for decades, and is a widely known speaker and writer in print and on radio, television, and the Web. He has served in leadership positions with many prominent union and labor organizations, including the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union. Fletcher is currently the director of field services for the American Federation of Government Employees.


    Maine Labor Summer Institute
    August 7th & 8th
    University of Maine in Orono
    Click here to register today!

    $100 for affiliated members, $130 for members of unaffiliated locals

    Want more information? Interested in sharing a brochure with other members of your local? Click here or go to www.maineaflcio.org/summerinstitute to download a brochure & register. 

    Questions? Contact me, Tracy, at tracy@maineaflcio.org or 207 622 9675

    We all hope to see you there! 

    In Solidarity, 

    Tracy & the Maine AFL-CIO

  • Western Maine Business Resource Workshop

    Thursday, June 20th, 2013  4pm-6pm  Bridgton Town Office, 3 Chase St., Suite 1, Bridgton

    You want to start your own business...what is the first step? You own your business and want to expand and increase sales...who can assist you with growing your company? You're a veteran and want to know what small business opportunities exist...what is the best financing option?

    You will be able to meet with representatives one-on-one for assistance and answers to obtain critical support information-and network with other businesses and those looking to start.

    This workshop is free with preregistration. To register please RSVP by June 17th. You can register by contacting Sandra Fontaine of the SBA at either 207-622-8381 or sandra.fontaine@sba.gov, or by clicking here http://conta.cc/11aHstD 

  • Wednesday, May 22nd, is Fair Share Lobby Day at the State House

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,



    Maine works best when everyone gets a fair shot and everyone pays their fair share.

    But you’ve probably heard about how devastating Governor LePage’s proposed budget would be for workers, education, health care, and emergency services, all in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. What's more, the Governor's budget raises property taxes on Maine people to cover a tax cut for people making $500,000 or a million dollars.   With the end of session scheduled for June 19th, there’s only a month left for legislators to consider the impacts the budget will have on Mainers.  

    Wednesday, May 22nd, is Fair Share Lobby Day at the State House – your chance to fight back against the Governor’s budget and demand a clear alternative.  Union members and allies will be headed to the State House to call on our elected leaders to support a Fair Share Solution [http://fairsharemaine.org/solution] to the state budget.  The Maine AFL-CIO is working with partner organizations in the Fair Share Now coalition to fight for a fair state budget. 

    Will you be there?

    What:  Fair Share Now! Lobby Day and Rally
    When:  Wednesday, May 22 at 8:00am
    Where:  Meet at the back of the Cross Cafe, Cross Building, Augusta, ME

    Our legislators need to know that we can solve the budget gap by making a few simple, fair change to our tax system: roll back the LePage tax cuts, make sure the wealthy pay their fair share of income taxes, close corporate loopholes, and adjusting the lodging tax to the New England average.

    Join us on May 22nd, 8am as we fight for a common sense solution to the state budget.

    If you have any questions or would like to RSVP please call me at (207) 622-9675.

    In Solidarity,

    Stacy Brown and the Maine AFL-CIO