Mission Statement

Welcome to our site! The purpose and mission of the United Association Local 716 State of Maine is to:

  • Organize those workers and employers in the plumbing, pipefitting, steamfitting and HVAC service industry who do not share the benefits of union representation.
  • Sponsor and support legislation which safeguards the safety and health of workers and the public, protects the rights of workers and promotes a fair, free, and just society.
  • Foster and promote programs on occupational safety and health, membership education and training and industry technological advances.
  • Encourage and promote stronger labor-management relations.
  • Promote the advancement of the organized plumbing and pipefitting industry for the benefit of its members, employers and the public
    Business Manager
  • November Business Agent Update

    by Tony Sirois, Local 716 Business Agent

    We have 465 total members with 308 working. We have 71 members on the Journeyman list with 21 not available, 20 members on the Travelers list, and 3 members on the Apprentice list. We have 1 traveler working in our local.

    There seem to be a delay at Sappi paper due to the engineering of paper machine piping. The prints are not coming out in a timely manner and are causing a delay in the project. I am looking to find out if that will affect the outage date or not.

    CCB and SMC have picked up work at Jackson Labs in Ellsworth. We have sent out 3 & 2 welders to both companies for work with PC. They are converting a retail space into a laboratory. It looks to be an ongoing project.

    The job at ON Semi is awarded to Kinetics but has been pushed back due to changes to the budget. ON Semi has to trim $400,000 off the budget, the push back is looking like in January sometime.

    Beacon Piping is at Calpine Power in Westbrook, we have 11 guys there working and we are expecting more calls to come soon.

    Local 553, Alton, MI, Wood River Project will be pulling people for their outage that will happen in Feb – March. Most of the hires will be in January and February, but some will be in a week or two.

    Local 140, Lehi, UT is looking for Orbital Welders with the UA-18A certs. They will be picking up after the New year.

    Local 602, Washington DC, is looking for combo (GTAW/SMAW) welders for the PSEG Keys Energy Combined Cycle power plant in Brandywine, MD.  There are two contractors on-site looking for welders at this time.  The welders will be working with mild carbon steel, 304L stainless, 2 1/4% chrome, 9% chrome and P91 material on the high-energy piping.  

    Work has been slowing down and other locals are holding steady or laying off. Work is expected to pick up some after Thanksgiving and will pick up a lot after New Year’s holiday.


  • November 2017 Organizing Report

    by Beau Libby, Organizer Local 716 Plumbers and Pipefitters

    I have been working with my Manger, Agent and Training coordinator on designing a residential contract for Maine with all the hvac work in our state present and future.  We are very close to this goal. I believe this will help tremendously in regaining market share in our state.

    I have spent many hours talking with workers from all over about their pay, insurance, retirements, conditions, etc. I’m gaining very valuable knowledge on what non-union workers want and need in Maine. I’m also in the process of designing a package to send out to many HVAC contractors with information on Local 716 and what we have to offer them.  I’m sure with the new residential rate sheets and contract we are working on, it will help our Local and the UA grow stronger for many more years.

    I have also been talking with other UA contractors about work in our state.  I have received lots of interest.  I recently attended a job fair with a UA member that is also a teacher in plumbing training in our southern Maine schools to talk with graduating students.  I am still using many of the recruiting websites to advertise for workers along with going out frequently to meet new workers where ever I see them.  I have received a lot of interest from the recruitment sites.  I have started a nice data base of possible new members. We swore in 3 new members at this month’s meeting. Two could not make it due to prior engagements so they will be sworn in at the December meeting.

    I have had good talks with a 25-30 man mechanical outfit about going union. I have had numerous calls with the owner and he is interested.   I’m trying to schedule a meeting for this month with him to possible have him sign our working agreement and a Schedule A if needed. Things are going to slow I feel for a little bit due to the holiday season but I anticipate a big 2018 for our Local! 

  • November Training Update

    by Jen McKenna, Training Director Local 716 Apprenticeship

    Happy Holidays to all. We hope you and your loved ones are filled with hope and happiness in this season of gratitude.

    We have been very busy this last semester with almost 30 apprentices working and attending school.  We are so proud of this group. They work hard and care about the union's future, their future.  We have had a blend of online classes and in-person classes; Basic Electricity, Rigging Fundamentals, Trade Math, Welding Theory, Hands on Welding and Standards for Excellence.  We have been working hard!  

    We would like to thank our instructors, Union members April Bourgoine and Michael Winchenbach for stepping up to do a challenging job.  This was your first semester instructing, and we are impressed with your effort and excited to see where you will help take this school.  In addition to teaching, April and Mike got the students involved with repairing toilets at the school, maintenance on our heating systems and so much more.  Thank you for going above and beyond.

    In addition to dispatching Tony Sirois has put in extra time and effort helping to set up and facilitate membership testing for our local.  He and Union Brother, Mark Johnson have assisted in dozens of UA welding tests.  Tony is the man to call if you want to get on the list for testing.  Thank you guys!

    Next semester is still in the planning stages and I will release Journeyworker classes available by the New Year.  Keep your eye our on Facebook, our website and, of course, this monthly update.

    Looking forward to a great new year!

  • Have You Tried Teladoc Yet?

    Our members and their families now have access to Teladoc! This service provides 24/7 access to a medical doctor who can send an e-prescription to your pharmacy with zero cost to you – no deductible or co-pay. Here are several reasons to try Teladoc.


    There are two ways to activate your Teledoc account:

    Enroll over the phone in 5 minutes by calling: 800-835-2362. If asked, "does your employer or insurance provider provide you access to Teledoc?" Please relpy, "Local 716." OR

    Go to member.Teledoc.com/registration then:

    1. Select NO I do not know my username

    2. Type and select "Local 716" from the drop down company name

    3. Create usernam and password

    4. Fill out brief medical history

  • Investment Education Seminar with MassMutual

    The Board of Trustees of the U.A. Local 716 Retirement Plan, in cooperation with MassMutual, cordially invites you and your spouse to attend an Investment Education seminar to help you gather more information about your retirement plan and the new investment options you have access to.


    The meeting will include:

    • An overview of your U.A. Local 716 Plan benefits

    • A summary of options regarding your plan.

    • Information on market trends, analysis and strategy.

    • Opportunity for 1 on 1 meeting time with a Retirement Education Specialist.


    Please Join Us:

    Friday, November 17, 2017

    4 p.m. at the Local 716 Union Hall

    21 Gabriel Dr, Augusta, ME 04330

    Representatives of U.A. Local 716 and MassMutual will be available to answer your questions.


  • New Recruiter

    Beau Libby has accepted the job as Local 716 Organizer as of September 18, 2017.


    Beau started his career with Local 217 in Portland. He worked as a pre-apprentice for a few months till he was sworn in, on November 18, 1996. He finished his apprenticeship in early 2001 and hit the road as a welder. After years of working away from home he landed at Siemens Building Tech in Scarborough, Maine. He stayed 10+ years as a HVAC installer. Throughout his career Beau has become very involved with his union.
    He has served as Vice President and is now current President of his union.
    Beau has also served as an instructor and has completed training at Washtenaw community college through the UA in Michigan.