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Teledoc: New Member Benefit

Our members and their families now have access to Teledoc! This service provides 24/7 access to a medical doctor who can send an e-prescription to your pharmacy with zero cost to you – no deductible or co-pay. Learn more at the Union meeting this Friday September 8. Break bread with fellow members starting at 6 pm in the Union Hall. You can also meet with representatives from our Teledoc program before or after official Union business.

Australia Joins The United Association!

Australia joined the United Association! 

Are You a Local 716 Member who wants to get involved in the next election?



Are you in?  


I hope so! The first step is our Labor 2012 Training on September 6th in Augusta. Please RSVP right now! We are asking every local to send at least one member to this training. 

LePage Announces New Labor Commissioner


Governor Announces Resignation of Labor


Local 716 Members, Let's Go To Summer School!!!

The Labor Summer Institute is a 2-day union summer school, put on by the Maine AFL-CIO and the Bureau of Labor Education, where union members get a chance to meet each other, discuss the big issues of the day, learn new skills, and build our power.

This year’s Summer Institute<> will include:

The Maine AFL-CIO 2012 Working Families Legislative Scorecard is hot off the press!

The Maine AFL-CIO 2012 Working Families Legislative Scorecard is hot off the press!

Local 716 Members do you know how much wages per hour is considered Minimum, and is it really livable?

How much wage per hour is minimum and is it livable?  Often we hear reports on the news about the "Living Wage" and many decisions are based on the definition of this wage.  Currently in Maine the minimum wage is $7.50, that is $15,600 per year.


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