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Do You Know What Your Local Representative Is Voting For?

Local 716 Member,

Please inform yourself.   The attached "Score Card" is an amazing informational tool.  This record is your local representative's record on paper. Please take the time to read and be an informed voter!

Vote NO on WPO!!!

Waterfront Protection Ordinance Threatens Local Jobs in South Portland!

Get the Facts Before Election Day: Waterfront Workers Urge South Portland to Vote Against

the WPO Referendum on November 5th.


We are proud to have these professionals on board!

Contractor Partnership Meeting

What an amazing Partnership Contractor meeting with Summit Utility Today!  We are so pleased with the amount of contractors that attended and are looking forward to the future for all!

Volunteerism is What Unions Are All About!

Thank You to Brother Hart, Brother Mulkern, Sister Napolitano, Sister McKenna, and so many more of our members for all the volunteer work you do!  We now have a NEW American Flagg in our NEWLY cleaned shop and a NEW Union Made sign!  We are truly grateful for all of our members!

Right NOW

We need your help. Last night, the Maine Senate voted on a bill, LD 443, to strengthen the Workers Compensation system for injured workers in Maine. They passed it along party lines, with Democrats supporting the bill and Republicans opposing it. Now, the bill is going the the Maine House for a vote. If your senator voted for the bill, it would be great to thank them.

Last year, Governor LePage and his legislative allies passed a bill that was a windfall for the insurance industry – gutting Workers' Comp and leaving injured workers out in the cold.


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