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Romney is Going to END PLA's on Day One

716 Members, did you know... please watch and spread the word.

Years of Service Awards!!!

Thank you for all your hard work through the years. You make us great!!!

Stanley L. Coombs 25 Years
Robert M. Everest 25 Years
Thomas R. Gardner 25 Years
Ricky R. Guay 25 Years
Donald F Jacques 25 Years
Randy W. Martin 25 Years
Alan J. Reese 25 Years

Teledoc: New Member Benefit

Our members and their families now have access to Teledoc! This service provides 24/7 access to a medical doctor who can send an e-prescription to your pharmacy with zero cost to you – no deductible or co-pay. Learn more at the Union meeting this Friday September 8. Break bread with fellow members starting at 6 pm in the Union Hall. You can also meet with representatives from our Teledoc program before or after official Union business.

Australia Joins The United Association!

Australia joined the United Association! 


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